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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last Post

Well, we've come to the end of the Pink & Blue Daily!!!   Enter:  Baby Cody!  I'm going to go back to using my family blog, now, I think.  About time, I suppose!  ;)  I'm going to close out this blog with a whole slew of anecdotes that I've been storing up!  Enjoy!

Pa had a short stay in the hospital, so we told Serena that we were going to go visit him.  “Oh!” she said, “Does Pa have a baby in his tummy?”
Whenever anyone is sad, Serena is quick to reassure with hugs and pats and a sympathetic, “It will be okay” repeated over and over.
We ate supper with some friends on our last Sunday at Mark Baptist Church.  These friends have a horse farm, so they offered to give Serena a ride!  Serena was so excited!  She rode with Spencer on the Ranger to go get the horses from out in the pasture.  They herded them up to the barn, just as it started to pour!  Bummer!  He assured Serena that we could try again later when it stopped raining.  Serena was happy to go find something else to do (they have some little boys, so there was plenty to keep busy with!), then we ate supper, and pretty soon it was time to go!  It had been raining off and on all evening, and it was raining again as we loaded everyone into the car.  Spencer and Kristi had said to us how badly they felt that they hadn’t been able to give Serena a horse ride, but we were all hoping that she would just forget.  ;)  But, as Jordan loaded her into the car, she suddenly remembered!  Jordan explained to her about the rain, and we were all waiting to see how she was going to handle it.  She was really sweet as she listened, though we could tell she was disappointed.  Finally she said, “Okay.  But it makes me a little sad.”  There was a teensy quiver in her voice, but she didn’t cry!  It was SO sweet!
After moving into our new house in Springville, Serena and Bret were so excited!  They just love it here!  Serena calls it our “new, new house” because she called our last house the “new house.”  Haha!  ;)  A few days after moving in, she asked Daddy if we were going to stay here a long time.  He said, “Would that be okay with you?” and she replied, “Yes.”  Then Jordan said that yes, we were going to stay here a long time.  Later, as I was getting her ready for bed, Serena said, “Mommy, is this our new, new house?” I said, “Yes.”  “Are we going to stay here a long time?” she asked.  Again, I said, “Yes.”  “Oh,” she said, “Because it’s okay with me?”  Haha, yes, Serena, we are going to live here because it’s okay with you!  ;)
One night, as we were going through our bedtime routine, I was about to pray.  Serena suddenly interrupted me and asked, “Will you pray that I will have a baby in my tummy when I grow up?”  Of course, I took the opportunity to pray that she would have LOTS of babies in her tummy when she grew up, heehee!
Serena got an owie on her ankle, and this is how we found out that she pronounces them, “spankles.” Next to “smatch,” this may be my favorite word of hers!
A while back, we went to the library and Serena saw a child put some pennies into a wishing well at the library (you know those ones that are shaped like a cone so the coin goes round and round before dropping in the hole).  She was fascinated and asked me for a penny to put in it.  I told her I didn’t bring any pennies for that (bad precedent to start, I figured), and she was okay with that.  That evening, she saw Jordan unload some change from his pockets onto our bed.  She picked out the 3 pennies that were amongst the coins and brought them to Jordan.  “Can I have these Dad?  To put them in something at the library?”  I explained to him about the wishing well, and he told Serena she could have them.  We put them in a “special place” and to my surprise, she actually REMEMBERED them a week later when we were getting ready to go to the library.  We brought the coins and she put them in the well one at a time.  She and Bret were fascinated with watching them; it was pretty fun!  Bret’s head actually turned back and forth as he watched the coins go round and round, heehee!

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jules said...

I love ALL of these things. I find myself laughing and tearing up as I read your posts.

(And here's to hoping that my comment actually posts on here this time!!)